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Sexy Jenny sits down on a small stuffed animal which gets totally flattened under her hard jeans. She sits on the poor animal in different positions before she takes her jeans off and continues the crushing wearing only panties.
Russian Christina crushes a carton box
Russian girl Christina crushes a cardboard box under her high heels first. The box gets more and more deep marks from the stomping heels. Later she takes them off and flattens the remains of the box with her perfect bare feet.
Little girl gets crushed under Alicia's car
Alicia shrunk her office co-worker to barbie-size and places her on the ground of the parking lot. The little girl gets totally crushed under the tires of Alicia's car and she doesn't stop until every bone is broken.
Katja crushes a toycar under her high heels
Russian mistress Katja crushes the toycar of a slave. He's collecting all these fucking cars but doesn't have enough money to buy his mistress a gift? So she will crush one of his beloved toycars till he behaves better.
Jessy refines a cake under her butt
Jessy heard you like cake? She refines this one using her hot ass for you. The cake gets totally crushed under her weight and her ass is covered with little cake pieces. Looks yummy! Doesn't it?
Little toycars burst under Buffalo boots
A girl crushes a bunch of toycars under her hard buffalo platform boots. The cars get totally flattened under the hard platform sole and the chunky heel - until only little chunks are left.
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Dune, wearing black opaques and sexy sandal high heels, crushes the little doll girl. The little girl's body gets penetrated by the sharp heel and even her head is crushed under her cruel feet.
Electronic calender crushed under high heels
Isabelle crushes a full-working electronic calender under her high heels. She starts by stepping on it gently before she destroys it completely by stomping on it over and over again with her heels.
Nina crushes a toycar under her sexy heels
Nina looks absolutely stunning wearing jeans hotpants and these sexy high heels. The little toy car is easily crushed under her high heels with the immense weight coming down on it.
Brat girl Anna crushes a cardboard box
Cheeky brat girl Anna destroys a cardboard box under her high heels which have a chunky heel. Anna switches from gentle stepping to merciless stomping over and over again!